How many apps are you developing?

Finally I decided to make my own idea come to life and with that I mean #nomorepetprojects.

First project Pambolera:
First of all my former pet project, Pambolera which its main purpose is to be the best amateur soccer social network (yup you got it, I’m going after you Instagram).


Second project Infovia:
I’m also working in a freelance project call Infovia. The bad thing is that the UI is awfull, but in the other hand I’m writing Objective-C code again which I think is a good thing (at least it helps me not to forget it).

Captura de pantalla 2015-10-20 a las 12.22.19 p.m.

Third project Wizar:
Last but not least the company project, Wizar which will be the best project I’ve ever made, because I’m using the latest technologies like Swift2UIStackViews (no more AutoLayout yay), ExtensionsiOS 9.

Captura de pantalla 2015-10-20 a las 12.18.48 p.m.

Raiden my black cat

I must say I never thought I will be living with a black cat side by side litteraly, but all these years Raiden has been a true friend, always with me in any situation. Actually we have a pact, I feed him and he protect me in this life or the other… Prrrrmaaaaawwwwww :3